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Shenandoah is about the end of things.
The end of a war, the end of the world and almost the end of a species.
It is about last chances taken, about going too far. 
Feature Film

Currently In Development
Genre: Swashbuckling Historic Eco-Adventure
Locations: Australia, UK & US (tentative) 
Original Screenplay:  Robert Love & Mike O'Brien
Producer/Director: Karen Borger
Estimated Budget: 20m 
Language: English 

In late 1864 the American Civil War is moving towards a bloody conclusion. Confederate Captain James Waddell has spent endless months pacing the waterfront of Southampton, England, waiting for his commission. But the warship Waddell has dreamed of turns out to be the Sea King, a hastily outfitted clipper that would crack in two if its powerful gun is fired. Renaming the ship theShenandoah, he takes command with a pitifully tiny crew, refusing to press-gang workers.


The Shenandoah’s early actions are farcical. The daughter of a ship owner, Lily Rose, rallies the crew of a captured merchantman, landing telling blows with her umbrella. The men of the Shenandoah learn quickly. Unable to actually fire their gun, they become masters of the arts of bluff and ruse. They also lay plans for capturing whalers, using their ‘whaling manual’, a book called Moby Dick.


The Shenandoah reaches the South Seas. The ship is damaged, island woman are tempting the few remaining men, and Waddell's seemingly paranoid suspicions that Lily is seeking to use feminine wiles to spread dissension among his officers are in fact entirely justified.


He decides on a desperate stratagem, putting into a port at the end of the world - Melbourne, Australia. Their fortune turns around. His officers are the hit of the Melbourne social season. Ultimately Waddell sails off in triumph, and is ‘shocked’ on leaving Australian territorial waters to discover that he has some 42 Antipodean stowaways onboard who ultimately expand the ragtag culturally diverse crew. 


In the Arctic with this new international crew the Shenandoah is master. Still unable to fire his guns, through subterfuge and bravado Waddell nonetheless lays waste to the American whaling fleet, at one point taking ten ships in three hours. He follows a school of whales, appointing himself their protector, and the whalers who come to hunt become the hunted.


Then, disaster. The crew learn from a captured newspaper that General Lee has surrendered. Reasoning that President Davis has ordered the fight continued, they take more prizes. But each newspaper brings worse news. Finally they understand that the war has been over for months, and in any American port they will be hung as pirates.


Arriving back in Liverpool the last active unit of the Confederacy surrenders. The Shenandoah has sailed around the world and fought without causing or losing a single death in battle. The American whaling fleet never recovers, and the whales, driven to the brink of extinction, are given a respite. The shortage of whale oil leads to innovations in coal tar mining, now known as crude oil.

Shenandoah is ultimately about the delusions of glory and pride, the beauty of the natural world,  and of what true honour means in the face of triumph and defeat. 

It is about how a band of Confederate pirates and an ad hoc Antipodean crew saved the whales.  


The Bedou Key

 'Insha-lla' - if God wishes

Currently In Development - Script
Feature Film & MMO Video Game
Locations: TBA
Original Screenplay: Karen Borger
Concept ~ Karen Borger & Carla O'Brien. 
Producer/Director: Karen Borger
Language: English




Many centuries ago while crossing the desert two Bedouin siblings discovered a lump of meteorite which proves to hold power beyond their imagining. When passed between their hands it creates the ability to travel through time. 


Since that day eternal whichever of the two holds the Key has the ability to bend time. The couple forged the substance into the shape of a Key and the gems have been cast into jewelery for safe keeping - hiding in plain site. 


Sometimes the brother and sister separate. However if either of the ancient ones stay too long away from the Key they begin to age and weaken. They must again find the other and the Key, in order to re-energize and transport to another time and place to commence a new cycle of life. 


For sport and their own amusement they often take unwitting travelers with them, dumping these 'witnesses', stranded in a foreign land, in a different time zone - mere mortals in these time travelers’ game play. And in doing so they have affected the chain of events in human history...


This is their story.





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